What I’ve learned in the last year and how it has changed my perspective on relationships.

I thought love was this battlefield, filled with fighting, getting even, and eventually ending in turmoil. I hadn’t been with someone who genuinely treated me as I deserved. I was always the one who loved too much or tried too hard, or was the glue keeping us together.

Then I…

These six words have been haunting my emails, voicemails, and linked in messages for the better half of four months.

Upon quitting my bartending job, in the middle of a pandemic, I decided “what better time than to go into freelance and be my own boss.” This decision has been a blessing and curse all wrapped in one.

Blessing because I have never had this amount of free time to…

“Becoming one with the soil and the earth” photo by Victoria Timmons

Often times this word makes its way into conversation when there is a darkness. When there is a vast empty void. When there is a deep ache. Other times this word is not muttered, but implied by the combination KMS that gets tacked onto the end of a stress induced…

Poseidon loved the sea. He grew up in a small town surrounded by mountains so when his family moved to the coast he had a new found joy for the waves.

He would swim far out and dive deep, peering through goggles that were much too tight for his face…

Pisgah National Forest

Hues of indigo and lilac illuminated the sky above me, a blend of morning light — a breaking of dawn. Through the rustle of leaves and swaying of branches the birds whispered melodies waking me from my slumber.

This is home.

Being engulfed in the trees, rising with the sun, starting my day when the birds do. It’s not alarms and the running of an ac unit. It’s not stuffy rooms with painted walls. It’s open air. It’s a blanket of stars thats so vast it swallows you into the realm of dreams.

When the mountains demand your presence you pack a bag and you run.


let’s give this digital realm of writing a go

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